Welcome to Massage for the People!

I believe that massage is for all who seek it, regardless of income level or social status. I am interested in using my skills as a massage practitioner to provide balance to people’s lives through healing touch. I specialize in treatment style massage for those recovering from life’s daily stresses and unfortunate mishaps, at an accessible price.

I offer specific treatment and/or relaxation massage tailored to meet your needs. I achieve this by conducting a thorough intake at the start of every session and design a massage plan with you as an active participant in the planning process.

My massage style is slow, focused and intentional utilizing several techniques including but not limited to: Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Release, and Deep Tissue Massage all with a Swedish Massage foundation. I listen to your goals while working intuitively, letting my hands zero in on your body’s needs. With this approach I am able to customize each massage to fit where you are at today.